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Bluetooth Speaker Table- with TWS stereo sound, 2 x USB Charging ports and rechargeable battery.
RRP - £199.99

What do you buy someone who has everything? We can almost guarantee that they won’t have seen anything as amazing as the Tabblue- Bluetooth Table 2.1 speaker. Made from real wood veneers and a high-quality fabric, the Tabblue is not only a modern and stylish table but a Bluetooth speaker to play your favourite music though. The Tabblue give you 360' sound from the 6 speakers inside, this allows the room to fill evenly with sound. It is also equipped with 2x USB charging ports to keep your smartphone or tablet charged at all times. You can take the Tabblue around the house with the built-in rechargeable 3 cell battery giving you up to 6 hours of cordless play. You can receive calls hands-free, talking to your Table via built-in Microphone. With our ALL NEW VERSION, you are now able to CONNECT 2 TABLES together wirelessly, to create an Amazing STEREO music experience. The TWS ( True Wireless Stereo ) allows you to create a CINEMA like sound in your own home, or get so immersed in music its like you listening live! The Tabblue will connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and to Apple Homepod and to any another Bluetooth Transmitting Device.

So, if you looking for a gift with a difference, you have found it!



Makeup Mirror with ring light and Bluetooth Speaker.
RRP - £59.99

A product like no other...

Introducing the HALO, a Bluetooth speaker disguised as a Makeup mirror! Featuring a vibrant ring light that is perfect for doing your makeup or skin care no matter what time of day! We have designed this stunning, light product to look good in any bedroom - the gorgeous soft off white/cream colour is subtle and will blend in with any décor! Say goodbye to multiple items on your dressing table, instead say HALO to the Halo – it really does it all! As well as the amazing ring light that can be dimmed or brightened by the touch of a button, the mirror itself flips into a desk light which is a soft white/yellow colour perfect to light up a room. The Halo is a gift unlike any other product on the market, the amazing sound quality means you can listen to your favourite music or radio simply by connecting your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. With the added feature of the built in microphone, you can talk hands free on the phone while getting ready... so you'll never be late again.The HALO is slick and seamless to use and is taking a step into the future..treat yourself or your loved ones today.



Open wearable headphones, with FM radio Bluetooth and SD slot
RRP- £49.99

If you find it uncomfortable to wear earphones or headphones, but love listening to music, then Openwear is perfect for you, they just rest on your shoulders. The sound is full and clear to you, yet sound is minimized to others

Openwear also has built in Dual Pairing, so if you buy 2 sets two people can listen to the same music or movie soundtrack.

Openwear gives the same music listening experience as you would get from earphones or headphones, but provides more comfort when listening and still keeps you open to your surroundings. So whether you are at home listening for the doorbell or the children playing in the other room you still listening to your music but can stay connect to whats going on ouside the music. Or you might be driving in your car, and you get a call you can talk hands-free thanks to the built in Mic.

Play music from any Bluetooth transmitting device, or listen to the FM Radio or play MP3 music from your Micro SD card. The Openwear has a rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours battery life.

The smart technology inside the Openwear uses micro speakers to give you perfect stereo sound in your ears, whilst keeping noise to a minimum to the outside world. Being lightweight (only 302g) you will almost forget you are wearing the Openwear.

Available in Black Fabric or Grey Fabric.


Set of two wireless headphones that can both connect to one Bluetooth device.
RRP - £49.99

The Steepletone Duo can operate within a range of 10 meters in an open area. Perfect for listening by the pool, on a plane or even in your living room. The DUO is perfect for sharing, without the fuss of wires or headphone splitters. You can even control your own personal volume when pairing together so no more arguing over being too loud! But ensure you are not too close when paring.

A 3.5mm jack-to-jack lead is supplied for wired connection (Aux-in or–out), should you not be able to use Bluetooth, or if you prefer to listen to music via devices without Bluetooth, such as old fashioned CD/DVD players, VCRs, iPods, radios and Hi-Fi systems. In addition, the headphones are lightweight, weighing only 170grms, which means you won’t feel fatigued wearing them, unlike other brands, for prolonged hours.

You can listen for up to 6 hours before they need charging again, an amazing battery life! So when you need to charge the headphones, they will alert you themselves with smarty, low charge LED indicators, which are also active when charging. Total charge time will take approximately 3 hours to be fully charged again, so ensure you put these on to charge at night before you go to sleep, ready to use in the morning again. You can charge these headphones via USB cable. A micro USB-to-USB charging cable is supplied, but a USB charger plug is not included.

The Steepletone Duo has incredible sound clarity and quality. The headphones have adjustable fit, for maximum comfort, and come with comfort-cushioned soft ear cups made for everyday use. A sleek, streamlined design that’s durable and foldable to go everywhere and anywhere you want to go. You can even take calls hands-free, with the built-in mic. In addition, you can also control your music and volume from the side of the phone.

Normally with wireless Bluetooth headphones, you can only connect your phone, tablet etc. to one pair of headphones…until now. With the new Steepletone DUO headphones, you can connect your phone tablet etc. to two wireless headphones. The Steepletone DUO is therefore perfect for sharing so why not share it with someone right now?

DUO headphones in box.jpg
freedom test 5.jpg
freedom test.jpg


Wireless Multi Room Speaker Set 
RRP - £169.99

 FREEDOM PLAY Set of 4 Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Boxes


Freedom Play Speakers pack of 4, the setup is simple and easy once all 4 speakers are charged. You start off with any one of the speakers (this becomes the master) you can then slave the other three – their range is, from the sound source of Bluetooth, up to 10 meters (or you can connect to the Aux-in) the slaves have a range of up to 35 metres from the master speaker. This enables you to have one speaker in the bedroom, lounge, kitchen and hall etc.

Built-in auto-reconnection, so when you power back up the master speaker and slave speakers will automatically pair


100W  Power Speaker with Bluetooth, MP3 , Radio and AUX in 
RRP - £169.99

The light and sound of the Ibiza 2.1 Sound System With LED Lighting Bluetooth FM Radio MP3 AUX Playback is exciting and makes you want to dance! This floor standing sound system offers a wide range of features including Bluetooth playback, FM radio, an AUX input for your external audio player and an SD/MMC card slot for MP3 playback. It offers true, Hi-Fi sound on a budget.

Once your music starts, the Ibiza 2.1 Sound System light show begins! Over 100 multi-mode colour changing chasing lights dance to the beat of your favourite songs providing a unique sound-to-light effect that will turn your home into an Ibiza nightclub. Use the full function remote control to control the music and lighting to add even more effects including up to 5 light modes and 7 colour modes. Available in transparent white, the Steepletone Ibiza 2.1 Sound System is an incredible value and only available from UK Jukeboxes. Get yours today and plan your next party.



Bluetooth Outdoor LED Speakers
RRP - £189.99 (set of 3)

As summer is arriving and we are heading outside, why not fill your garden or home with light and sound with the new Steepletone LED Cube ConneX: three 20cm hard shell cube speakers. The Cube ConneX are fitted with a 10 watt speaker each, water resistant and have up to 35 metre range between each speaker. The speakers use a one touch technology making it simple to connect them together and to your chosen bluetooth device; this is done by simply turning on one speaker, connecting to your bluetooth device (I.e smartphone) and then turning on the remaining speakers which will automatically connect for amazing synchronisation of music and sound.


The sound is controlled from your smartphone or device making it easy for you to control the volume and change track, the lighting however is controlled by a small remote giving you the power to change the colour and mode. There are seven different colour options and five different lighting effects, meaning you can fit it to any surroundings or change the colour as and when you like, the remote makes this quick and simple. The Cube ConneX have a built in lithium rechargeable battery (charging cable included) which gives you up to 6 hours of wireless playtime, perfect for a party.

Perfect for yourself or a gift, the Cube ConneX will be a statement piece in your house or garden. If you are looking for the perfect indoor or outdoor speaker this summer, you've found the right product.

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